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Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage




i fucking looked up eggs with legs and i’m


why are they in a cage?

otherwise they’ll eggscape

I’m a smoker They want to stick gruesome images on cigarette packs..?? Why not pictures of obese children on fast food packaging..!? Why not tortured animals on cosmetics products..? Why not put the photos of the victims of drunken drivers, on alcohol bottles..?! Why not pictures of dishonest, thieving politicians enjoying our money, on tax returns..? Although some of you may agree.. I bet you won’t reblog, even if you’re not a smoker.
dont yell at me




dont yell at me

dont yell at me

dont yell at me

dont yell at me

  • dont
  • yell
  • at
  • me
  1. instead of yelling try not yelling

if you ever yell at me, i promise you i will cry no matter who you are or what i did

Even if you slightly raise your voice or sound upset i will consider it yelling



it breaks my heart knowing that i will never receive a blowjob

what the fuck why do so many people think they will never receive a blowjob

Because we have vaginas